Tips to Lower your Bail Bond fees


Tips to Lower your Bail Bond fees

October 1, 2014
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Tips to avoid paying too much in bail bond fees


Getting your loved one out of jail after they are arrested is your first priority.   This can be a stressful and daunting task especially if this is your first time.   Here are some things to consider avoiding paying too much in bail bond fees.

Hiring an expert criminal attorney for your case is crucial. They will help you and your loved one make the best decision on when and how to post bond.

Posting bond will typically be a 10% charge of your loved ones bail. For example if your loved ones bail is 75,000 you will be charged a bondsman fee of $7,500.   An attorney can actually lower this cost.

Attorney Referred Bonds

By contacting a lawyer before you talk to a bondsman you are entitled to an attorney referred bond. This type of bond will lower your bail from 10% to 8%. This can save you thousands of dollars. For example if your bond is $100,000 you can save $2000 by just retaining a lawyer that you will need anyway

A Lowered Bail Amount

In some instances it is better to post bail after the first court hearing or arraignment because your attorney can often convince the judge to reduce bail or even release you “on your own recognizance “meaning one would not have to post any bond.

Not Having to Pay Bail

In some instances, criminal charges are not filed within the statutory period of two court dates after your arrest. If this occurs the offender must be released from custody without having to post bail.

No decision should be made to post bail until you have discussed this with an experienced attorney.   An attorney can explain the specific details of your or your loved one’s case and offer advice in the defending person’s best interest.

If you have just heard your loved one is in jail facing charges, call and speak to an expert attorney right away before posting bond.   Allow what just happened to sink in, take a breath and allow an expert to walk you through this process.   In doing so, it can save you and your loved one money in the long run.

For more details and to speak with someone about you or a loved one’s case feel free to call____

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