What is a bail bond forfeiture?


What is a bail bond forfeiture?

May 2, 2017
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“Forfeiture” is the legal word used to describe what happens to a bail bond when the defendant who is free on bail has missed a court date. A bail bond forfeiture doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world… Not at all! In fact, most people who miss court do so for simple and understandable reasons…

People forget, they oversleep, they go to the wrong place… Cars breakdown, people get stuck in traffic, people get sick… All of these represent some of the reasons why a person might miss a courtdate.

Of course, there is really no “good” excuse for missing court! But, in situations like those described above, a bail agent can generally correct the problem of the forfeiture by humbly asking the court to remove the forfeiture and reinstate the bail bond that was forfeited.

Remember: courts and judges require our respect… as long as we are quick to correct a simple oversight or error, we can generally count on the judges and the courts to be forgiving… at least the first time that it happens.

If someone who is free on bail ha
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